Bomb of love! how do it.
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I want to shared with you how make bombs of love to raise the the frequencies and elevate your vibration.   If you feel boring and stress by the isolation maybe it help you to relax.    I shared to a small example how to feel happy being altruist and humanitarian




I know it is absolutely petulant to say when you help, but this message is to set an example and I do it with love and not with arrogance. I had $ 1000 dollars, I sent 600 to Colombia for my family, they bought food for 20 days and they managed to buy and donate 20 markets for poor neighbors. I feel free and happy helping.

I do not have idea how I going to pay my rent, bills, food but is empathy and humanity what the planet need now.  Let us raise our frequency with love and actions and help our self to be free of this bless virus. ( I have a post in my blog about the bless virus).

I do not know if some one will read this  or if care about it, i just hope not be bulling for insist in evolution spiritually.  Everyday I bless the virus for the change are doing to the humanity and planet, but I started 2 nights ago to send bombs of love around the planet.  I do it at 3:33 Am today will be the 3 days.  If you want join me to raise our planet frequencies, you are welcome.  

 How do it:  You need be in comfortable clothes or just panties, drink water, be in silence, any position is ok, just feel relaxed and close your eyes, remember something that make you feel love, (Example. I think in my cats, remember playing with them, I remember their paws their beautiful eyes, their sotf skin) and I start to feel a lot of love, I can feel how my body became to feel warm and i feel that energy in my hands  in that moment when i am feeling to much love for my cats  take that energy from my hands and I make spheres that I am enlarging when I feel more love, I remember something good that any human do for me and I feel grateful and feel love for that human, then I put more and more humans, animals, plants, I feel love for the planet and all the creatures, for the water, for the trees, for the stones, for everything because I see how all those things are important for me.
When I am concient about it,  and the sphere of love is big,  I visualization that  I fly outside of the planet and in that moment  I send my sphere of love to the planet.

Remember that this does good to the planet and humanity, it makes us rethink many things what we eat, to which we give importance, how governments are ready, how humanity is ready for these cases, forgiveness, empathy, our finances and a millar of things and I believe that this collective experience will help us evolve as beings.

Also remember that "This will also pass" you take the best of the moment and be thankful because "Behind an appearance of evil hides great good"
Look, I had been months of not talking to my family and this virus made me put aside my ego and call them, I am still angry with them a little, but right now in this crisis I am talking to them and supporting them morally and financially.  


I can not say my source and for my safety I can not  say more and less in this place about the CoVID19, the governments and economic but "Before this month March end we will find a temporary or definitive solution"  I said it in my tweet  but I add  to this post for have the proof.   (I have a blog in Spanish with my real name where I say much more interesting information but you know I need to keep safe) Sorry,  I just expect that with the keywords you see here you can open your mind and re-analyze the situation.

Sending you peace and love, the Universe bless us and give the enough patience, intelligence, tolerance, love to keep strong.


PD:  Sorry for my English.  :)  Besos

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