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Companionship Fees and Deposit Policy: The fees are listed and are non-negotiable! I accept only USD.  50% Deposit Required in Overnight \ Weekend \

Cancellation Policy: If you have to cancel our meeting Canceling within 24 hours in advance. For respect to me, time and my job, I request that you cancel at least with 24 hours before a scheduled appointment; This gives me the opportunity to fill the schedule with someone else and not lost money, clients and time. 


Cancellations made within 24 hours to the event will incur a  $210 fee if the appointment for a duration 1 at 2 hours.  

Cancellations made within 24 hours to the event will incur a  $600 fee if the appointment  duration is more than 2 hours.


 If you made a same day appointment and you have to cancel the last-minute cancellation fee is $ 210.

 *Have this in mind:   An appointment is confirmed when you filled my form in my website and I say specifically "You passed my screening process :)" in that moment the date and hour is schedule and confirmed.  

* If you need to cancel, please use the this sentence:

'I am sorry Erika  I need Cancel our schedule appointment".     It is very important for me that you be specific and do not suppose that I must  guessing that you want cancel.   Sorry my gentlemen, but this is very necessary for avoid misunderstandings and cumbersome moments.

 NO REVIEWS POLICY: I do not like reviews. By sending this form you accept and respect my "No review Policy".   Please, for respect of my privacy and my clients,  do not violate it. A real gentleman never degrade the women.  The details of our meeting will never be discussed or shared.

  If do you think I do not filled your expectation according my ad offers please let me know, so I can  fix it.. Thank you.