Thank you for taking the time to read my etiquette page :)

  Advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended.
For first contact, which must made through the specified means (see my contact page), please make sure you fill my form and supply as much information as you feel comfortable providing. Please be discreet and do not use explicit words. 
The donation for our arrangement should be in an envelope and left in clear view for me to see upon my arrival. Never make me ask for it.    The donations are for my time and companionship only and they are not negotiable.
Have your ID available for me to inspect.  If you don't trust me enough to show your ID then you need to look elsewhere for companionship. This is for safety reasons only.
To fully enjoy a meeting, you must be freshly showered, well-groomed, smell nice, and have minty-fresh breath. Please be respectful and always be a gentleman. Your kindness, generosity, and chivalry will be appreciated and rewarded.   You are also welcome to shower and freshen up before and/or after our session. (Remember that will run in your time)  
Call if you are running late or need to cancel. I understand things happen (life is life) but please let me know as soon as possible, I will always do the same although it is a very rare occasion you will find me late for an appointment. As well, please don't be early for inservice appointments.
Please do not over stay our date. If you would like to extend our time, please ask me if I have additional time available and provide additional donation for the time you would like to spend.
No gratuities are ever expected, but for if you would like to surprise me with a gift then please feel free to ask or get inspiration from my wish list.
Any aggressive, shady or rude behavior that makes me uncomfortable will be the end of our date with NO REFUND

I don't allow pictures or videos of any kind.
Drugs/Alcohol: I do not tolerate a client arrives under the influence of alcohol or neither with legal or illicit drugs. It  will be the end of our date with NO REFUND.

During our session I do not accept the use of drugs neither high percentage alcohol since drunk clients may be violent.  I will only allow low percentage alcohol such as wine and beer.
 I will not contact you unless you ask me.
I do not accept reviews More info    Click Here   and here




Thank  you!