I am available for SAME DAY appointments but with a couple hours in advance and AFTER verification,  depending of the location.  

(Available same day does not means short notice, please not ask me for meet in less than a hour and without pass my screening process)

It is imperative to be congruent before our first escapade.
Without exception, I require all first-time gentlemen to be screened. This is not only for my safety and comfort but for yours as well.  I am a legitimate business who serve only credible clients.   (It will be only  one time).
If you are not agree with my screening process and policies and not feel comfortable sharing the required real info, we will not able to meet.  Sorry,  I do not take references from other ladies or websites.    If you choose to forego I understand and thank you for your interest.

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Only serious and respectful inquires will be considered. If you send fake information, VIOP numbers or fake burner numbers or not filled the form adequately, nor give the real required or enough information,  I will ignore you.   I required real information for a rendezvous.

In respect to privacy:

✅  I will not share your personal information with a third party,  please you do the same. 
✅All information given for screening is for verify you are whom you say you are.  
✅  Your info will be used with discretion and will remains strictly confidential. 
✅Any info given for the screening process will destroyed after the verification or the meeting. 
✅ Once you have filled out the screening form, I will contact you!  All info will be managed directly from me in an encrypted email.
✅If you wish a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements : I will be honored my word and I will sign any agreement that make you feel comfortable,  but  you need  pay  for my time, lawyer and all fees  for this process.  Also, You need to be agree that this not applicable if you hit me, stole me hurt me in any way or try to kill me. 
Companionship Fees and Deposit Policy: The fees are listed and are non-negotiable! I accept only USD.  50% Deposit Required in Overnight \ Weekend \

Cancellation Policy: If you have to cancel our meeting Canceling within 24 hours in advance. For respect to me, time and my job, I request that you cancel at least with 24 hours before a scheduled appointment; This gives me the opportunity to fill the schedule with someone else and not lost money, clients and time. 
Cancellations made within 24 hours to the event will incur a  $210 fee if the appointment for a duration 1 at 2 hours.  
Cancellations made within 24 hours to the event will incur a  $600 fee if the appointment  duration is more than 2 hours.
 If you made a same day appointment and you have to cancel the last-minute cancellation fee is $ 210.
 *Have this in mind:   An appointment is confirmed when you filled my form in my website and I say specifically "You passed my screening process :)" in that moment the date and hour is schedule and confirmed.  
* If you need to cancel, please use the this sentence:
'I am sorry Erika  I need Cancel our schedule appointment".     It is very important for me that you be specific and do not suppose that I must  guessing that you want cancel.   Sorry my gentlemen, but this is very necessary for avoid misunderstandings and cumbersome moments.
 NO REVIEWS POLICY: I do not like reviews. By sending this form you accept and respect my "No review Policy".   Please, for respect of my privacy and my clients,  do not violate it. A real gentleman never degrade the women.  The details of our meeting will never be discussed or shared.
  If do you think I do not filled your expectation according my ad offers please let me know, so I can  fix it.. Thank you.
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