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Apologia to strengthen the immune system in COVID19 Crisis

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I am sorry for my English, like always I use google translate. If you find a error please let me know I will fix it

1. Apologia to strengthen the immune system

You don't need to be a doctor or scientist to know that a strong and alkaline immune system repels or helps to quickly and naturally heal any disease or virus. This is common sense. And that is the basic information that we should all know and act accordingly. Already the study of viruses, their spread, etc. is the subject of research professionals on that topic. Although having a strong immune system does not make them immune against a virus, destructive bacteria, or any other disease, I assure you that it does help fight and heal the body; Not only do I say this out of my own experience, but because there are researchers, scientists and doctors who have done studies, but that the pharmaceutical companies, official government organizations, and the media silence them in one way or another, calling them liars, traitors, crazy, they threaten them, they take a naked video or something familiar to shame them so that they decline their projects, and many other conspiracies against those who want to show another reality. The elite moves all its chips to quickly end those who do not follow their games and all for business. Here is a list that will help keep your immune system strong.

a). Maintain an alkaline body: A healthy body has a pH of 7.3 and 7.4 so that your body can correctly perform vital functions; This is accomplished by consuming magnesium chloride, baking soda, alkaline diet, drinking plenty of water. b) Unfortunately, in the United States, 80% of food is GMO, including what they call organic food, since these labels are negotiated with the FDA (remember that everything is business and that not everything the sources say or officials is 100% true ). So try to buy a machine for urban gardens in the interior, although they seem expensive they are not compared to the bills if you get sick or in these cases when food is scarce. Have natural supplements at home, I assure you that these will keep you strong, energetic and healthy (spirulina, moringa, coconut oil, aloe Vera, etc.) in my "Amazon wishlist" I have a lot of supplements I use frequently, so if you want Enter my Amazon wishlist and buy the supplements for you, obviously if you want to give me a gift of my wishlist it is appreciated, but it is definitely not an obligation, I just leave the idea. Obvious try to buy and eat natural food without fertilization, pesticides, organic if really is possible for you

c) Dear people, please, seriously, really look for information yourselves and you will see that it is not a lie that all carcasses and animal derivatives make them sick, weak and kill, as in the case of COVID19, which they say is because of eating animals exotic like pagoling. If this is true or not, just use your common sense, you don't need to be a scientific expert to realize that they are corpses and fluids from other species. Watch the body of any specie begin to decompose and emit odors when it is almost immediately after death. That is, it begins to rot and in that process it secretes more harmful toxins (in the case of China they believe that the more pain the animal suffers in death, the more aphrodisiac its meat will be), and it may be true for them, but the reality is that what it secretes are toxins. Therefore, the meat, whether human or non-human, decomposes immediately and so that it does not smell ugly, does not fill with flies and worms, pus does not come out, that meat must put formalin or others chemical compounds to keep it few days. If the corpses do not have those chemicals, can you imagine the smell of putrefaction and the gases that dead bodies make? By common sense, see that you eat are corpses full of chemicals, those chemicals that help that meat to look reddish, fresh etc are long-term poison for you and those long-term chemicals also destroy your immune system that has to work very hard and use lots of energy to keep your body healthy despite the corpses, crap and chemicals you use on a daily basis. Also take into account animals for human consumption or for their derivatives, meat, milk, eggs, etc. They are animals raised with "antibiotics, fast-growing hormones and transgenics"; you eat these antibiotics too and these antibiotics damage your kidneys, your liver, and in some cases your lungs; They weaken the immune system and your body gets used to these antibiotics, that is why today the doses to treat an infection are higher since a normal dose does not help you, this is because your body gets used to these antibiotics. The fast-growing hormones given in the feed of consuming animals are also very bad for their body, they are generically manipulated to make pigs, chickens and cows grow faster than in their normal life, the food given to these animals is transgenic. since it is a business that must produce thousands of tons per year and that will naturally only be produced 3 or 4 times a year so they are transgenic, that is, a vegetable that takes 5 months to bear fruit, with transgenic production would take two months only ; that is, they take away the nutrients by giving priority to the quantity.

Eggs, which is normally 1 per hen and a normal egg is small, nowadays for business they hurt hens by making them lay up to three times a day and fed with hormones they make their eggs come out 3 times bigger than normal, with double yolk or double shell and obviously tormenting the poor hens in the process. Chickens that take 6 months or more to be at their average size are killed after two months with twice their natural proportion of size. obviously for the hormones. Businesses with animals for consumption are also bred with antibiotics to avoid that in a plague everyone gets contagious and the owner of the business has to kill them and discard them, so they investing money in food with antibiotics and hormones and transgenic food In Colombia there was a time when male children grew more fat and with the nipples bigger than girls, it was for consume of chickens with hormones with a lot of estrogens, so imagine a male kid with estrogens, how do you think it distort and affect their grew. It is not bullshit, you can investigate by yourself what do hormones in humans. Eating hormonal, antibiotics, transgenic will make your immune system weak and can not fights agains virus.

See this video. The Shocking Truth Between Free Range, Cage Free and Pasture Raised Eggs? - by Dr Sam Robbins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEv1ysPQhtI

I know there are 90% of people who does not care this or are mad for the things I say, and optane for ignore me, that it is ok, but some who will bullying me and will confront me their arguments. And honestly I do not going to lost energy with confrontations, if you are not agree, you are free to still doing what you want or what you thing, however I suggest that investigate, no believe nothing without investigate, inclusive th things I say. Yo do not lost nothing. I have a vegan lifestyle, it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle, because the ethic is for the good of the animals, it is not for fashion, diet, religion etc. It is for love and respect for animals, also as a spiritual person I do not eat those toxic dark vibrations; believe it or not, these animals in the moment before dying vibrate in a very, very negative frequency of pain and suffering, of anguish and that pain and low vibration is what you also eat even if you don't see it. These living beings suffer for months, locked up just like us in these times of pandemic, the difference is that they are born and die without ever seeing the sunlight or enjoying their habitat for all thier life are abused. Sponsoring animal suffering just for gluttony is cruel and selfish; months and years being abused so that a species eats part of their rotting bodies in less than 10 minutes and the next day they literally turn it into shit and leave in toilet. Really worth make suffering those creatures just for the taste of their bodies with chemicals that doesn't last if not for a couple of minutes? Is it worth putting our lives at risk by consuming antibiotics and hormones in the cadavers?

Here videos about why I am Vegan.

Let us reflect ... please ... finally do what you want or resonate in your heart. Anyway, I know we are all in evolution and all of us own our levels and process, we are here for experimentation and we are doing the best we can do.

2. I reaffirm that the cure against COVID19 exists before the beginning of April I said in a previous post that before the end of March they would have the cure against COVID19, and although several days have passed and there is no official report to say it, I remain in my affirmation, the cure was make weeks ago, but they have not say it officially because they are balancing and negotiating all the great economic change that this news suggests. I cannot say my source of information for my safety, I even risk writing about this fact on this page of this industry. So the cure for the global virus already EXISTS, only the details of the big company and the details of the agenda to be followed are being adjusted. Passively, aggressively and gently, more human rights will be violated, more control will be opened, the concept of "everything is for your good", will be more prohibitions, it is for national security, it is for health, etc It is easy control when people is scared, so the mass of people are weak and fall, only a few are calm because they have awakened and are not part of the masses of manipulated people, they will remain calm but aware of the steps of the elite; Those who are awake will analyze, investigate and draw their own conclusions without allowing the elite with their subs (such as artists, press, channels, applications, games, movies) to penetrate them with the ideas that made them fashionable and wrongly stupid people most call it evolution. "I am sorry to say that fashion is not evolution" Neither physical, nor earthly, nor mental, nor spiritual. Be careful with that! Take these words into account and look for information and relationship with COVID19 but not from official sources, just ignore them; they use NLP, mental manipulation, hypnosis, frequencies to bury in their minds what they want you to keep. They have many strategies and technology that keep our minds asleep. Here are the words: 5G technology, Chinese economy, biological wars, chemtrails, food hormones, military, space warfare, the moon, promoting mediocrity, UFOs, creating problems and solutions, promoting distractions, GMOs, fake news, frequencies with subliminal messages, psychoactive impulse to keep them idiots, the internet, misinform them or confuse them with information, politics in times of crisis. Etc OK, there is a very long list, but I only leave it for those who are interested in investigating for themselves and drawing conclusions.

3. Enjoying COVID19 I am still very happy with the whole situation because, although it affects me in my finances, this has brought many wonderful things to my life from my perspective, as well as it has brought other people, animals and the planet. I am still a volunteer, I go every three or 4 days, I have been very creative at home and I feel that I have another awakening in this dimension. I clarify that I am not happy at all for the deaths, stress or depression that people suffer from this crisis, on the contrary, it saddens me in that aspect, however, as I already said from my perspective, everything is better


PD: If you want give an opinion, you are welcome, but please be respectful, if your intention is confront without arguments and insult or offend me I will be ignore you.