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Blessed Corona-virus

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

By Erika Castro (Pseudonymous of my real being)

Take everything that works for you and that resonates with you and the rest just let it go, be free ...

I know that the global economy is delicate and that many of different professional branches around the world are feeling the lashes of scarcity and what scares most of us is the stagnation of work and income because pay the rent, the food, primary services ( water, electricity, internet, gas), interest on loans, credit cards and a number of invoices cann't wait and are debts that we have to pay, the labor instability is what makes us feel somewhat panic more than the virus itself, since hundreds of thousands of people in all 198 countries do not have any more jobs or money saved. This issue of the corona-virus has not only wreaked havoc on public health, the economy and in general everything that concerns us, the human species, if not animals, other victims of the virus that are currently being tortured and murdered in laboratories around the world in order to find the solution. In my opinion, the only victims and martyrs of these misfortunes are non-human animals. Well, it is the homo-sapiens who, with their abuse and self-centeredness, open the doors to these viruses. I say this because as always, according to information, it is the man who, due to his gluttony, leads thousands of species to extinction, this time the Pangoline, which is the animal that the sources say is where the virus comes from.

I have a thousand things to say about the subject, its creation, the beneficiaries, the losers, the management, the pharmaceutical mafia and other things; but I give just a short views due apparently the blow is obviously negative for the human being. I know that many fight for toilet paper in a market, they create a negative vibration, of anger, selfishness, hatred as if they could not clean their ass with soap and water as they do in India, many buy stacks of basic products and then lash out with contempt and greed; taking advantage of the situation and charging up to 10 times more than the original value; these people are the ones that delay the planetary evolution, they are not in tune with the universe, they are blinded by ignorance; but I am not discouraged that I know that there is a well hidden behind the appearance of evil and because I know that they are also part of the experience, at a slow pace but that someday they will reach a higher vibratory level and see the light. Governments, hmm ..... will probably try to manipulate people with fear and panic to promote new laws that control us more. We already know that with the phrases "National security" or "public health" we are easily manipulated to access their whims. I don't know if this was actually created in the "Fort Dtrick" eugenics and biological terrorism laboratories, which they say also gave rise to the Ebola virus, AIDS (conspiracy theories), etc. located in Maryland or if it is a great economic fraud and a dirty money laundering strategy in the narco-dictatorships with the appearance of democracy, oil wars, Nor do I deny the theory that this was already planned by the Illuminati elites or those of the new world order or those of the "Bohemian Glover Club" or those that promote sodomy, pedophilia, drug addiction and other false movements with international political agendas that they are hiding behind false humanity and progressiveness y say it for the Simulation event 201 in NY (October 2019). There are a lot behind this situation. I am not sure neither if we are in the 3 world war China vs US for the economic conflict using biological weapons because using other guns discredits them.

There are a lot of people who already are free of Cornavirus taking care their-self like any other cold, so is the news winning rating with the panic? why they say the number of infected people but not the number that are recuperated completely? The virus is real, does not matter is was natural or created, and we need keep safe, but not let the panic and negative news control your mind.   Nevertheless; Blessed are you Corona-virus, I bless the corona-virus without being indolent in front of the people who suffer it and the families of those who succumbed with their death. I evolve and protect them with bombs of light and love and I accompany them in pain. But.... I bless the corona-virus for many reasons hidden under the shadow of the human ego.

Thanks to the corona-virus, the planet has had an environmental rest. https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-climate-change-pollution-environment-china-covid19-crisis/a-52647140 Thanks to the corona-virus, China plans, if it has not already done so, to ban the exotic animals for human consumption in the markets.


The most important reason for me and that is why I BLESS THE CORONAVIRUS is the great teaching of humanity, of the union between us, this virus are not cultural, religious or social differences that in this case can be at any socioeconomic level medium or high. It is a unique opportunity for awakening and spiritual evolution, that when we are at home we can reconnect with our essence, with our spirit; Even the lack of food in my case I see positive because I necessarily do a diet where my body can cleanse itself of toxins, where my liver, kidneys, circulatory and digestive systems can save more energy.

By being alone with ourselves or with our loved ones (husbands, wives, children, pets) we can recover and enjoy a little of the time that we have lost without them for being very busy in vain and mundane things and we can reevaluate our style life.

This blessed Corona-virus helps us reflect and perhaps create a new plan for our humanity future. In two months, the planet is engulfed in chaos that I describe as necessary and deserved to leave us great individual and collective teachings.

Meanwhile, financially, I feel severely affected, I bless the corona-virus, because I saw and recognized the future in such a hard experience.

I know that you will leave many victims in many ways, people who take advantage of other people for money, people who take advantage of other people because of the need to feel loved and in company, used and abused animals tortured in laboratories, people who they will become mentally ill, due to panic and fear of dying, hundreds of closed businesses and families in the financial bankruptcy, destabilized governments, people with a die family, animals killed by people who thing they will bring more viruses, people who will be kill their-self, we more depending of the pharmacies, etc etc etc. Whoever I BLESS THE CORONAVIRUS because I know it is part of the change in the human experience.

I can not say my source and for my safety I can not say more and less in this place about the CoVID19, the governments and economic but "Before this month March end we will find a temporary or definitive solution" I said it in my tweet but I add to this post for have the proof. (I have a blog in Spanish with my real name where I say much more interesting information but you know I need to keep safe) Sorry, I just expect that with the keywords you see here you can open your mind and re-analyze the situation.

Let's learn by the amazing experience.. Regards

PD: Sorry for my English, I still learning and I use Google Translate, I accept grammar suggestions