• erikacastrovip


"They asked the Master what was the difference between chemistry and alchemy in couple relationships and he answered these beautiful and wise words:

- People who search for "Chemistry" are scientists of love, that is, they are used to action and reaction.

People who find "Alchemy" are artists of love, constantly creating new ways of loving.

Chemists love out of necessity.

The Alchemists by choice.

Chemistry dies with time,

Alchemy is born through time ...

Chemistry loves packaging.

Alchemy enjoys content.

Chemistry happens.

Alchemy is built.

Everyone seeks Chemistry, only some find Alchemy.

Chemistry attracts and distracts sexists and feminists.

Alchemy integrates the masculine and feminine principle, that is why it becomes a relationship of free individuals with their own wings, and not an attraction that is subject to the whims of the ego.

In conclusion, the Master said looking at his students:

Alchemy brings together what Chemistry separates.

Alchemy is the real marriage, Chemistry the divorce that we see every day in most couples.

"Let's start building conscious relationships, because chemistry will always make our bodies age,

While alchemy will always caress us from the inside "Alchemy love hard to find !.