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  • erikacastrovip


Updated: Jan 25

Hello my lovers,

I accept positive, respectful and loving comments, but I do not accept qualifications or comparisons of my body or intimacy.

I also accept claims, if there were any valid ones, that is, taking into account the information on my website, if I do not comply with what was promised, then you have all the right to claim and I am obliged to solve, but everything as long as it is a respectful claim.

As I said before, I do not accept to talk about my intimacy or my body and less without my permission, but if you have met with me and you want to share with me and/or with my visitors what you liked about our appointment, you have the permission to do.

Example; If you want to tell me, "I enjoy the time with you, you are beautiful, you have a beautiful body, it was nice to know you, I have a good time, etc." that is a nice compliment and it is not denigrating, nor incriminating, nor discriminatory. But if you want to say " your boobs, your vagina and those positions and blahblahbla all those vulgar sexual specifications unnecessary, your comment will not be approved and otherwise I will not thank you, I block you from the list of clients .

You can signup and start I new topic too, but nothing incriminatory, discriminatory or something that make my website be close, please be a gentleman.

Hope we all enjoy this new page. :)

I am sorry, I deleted the old comments but here is the pics of them.