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Donations we give for animals.

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

The 10% of my earns are donate to charities that help animals in emergencies, or in natural disasters. Mostly for animals in my country Colombia, but obviously here too or wherever I can help. You and me help some animals for the California fire, animals victims of Hurricane Florence, Michael, Tsunami in Indonesia, Australia fires, Amazon fire, Helping Elephants, Lion etc.

If you can't meet me or you do not want, you can still having the opportunity to help and be happy for do it.

Here are some of the charities in US where I am making donations. I have proof of a lot of donations around the world too for animals in need, sometimes is less than $50 dollars sometimes is more than $300 etc; I do not post all because it take time to take the screenshot, then edit my personal information, then put the pics in the gallery of this website and then public, it is a lot of time for each screenshot, and however I do not need shows my kindness, just want let you know that you help me to help animals in need when you choose meet me :)

Thank you to all the generous gentleman who met me and help me to help. You and me are helping a lot of animals, you indirectly but help. God bless us. :)

Sometimes, I give more than my 10% of earns because some times I prefer give donations than buy a shoes. I am giving donations to for animals in Colombia, but I have not proof about it due I am sending the money to one person for MoneyGramn and she give the donations to the animal in need or for buying food or medicines and donation to the people who rescue animals.

I love all you guys to met me and make me happy. I am so happy when an animal life are saving or when hungry animal eat. Thank you, thank you, 10000000 thanks you. I know some gentlemen do not care and only met me for have a fun time with me, however directly or indirectly are helping and it is good vibra.

Los amo, muchas gracias. :)