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Lucky 13 ways you can help escorts screen you

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

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It doesn’t matter who you are, who you know or how much money you have, when you contact an escort for the first time she will want to screen you. Escorts screen clients in order to protect themselves from unsavory clients who have abusive histories with other working girls. They also screen clients to ensure they are staying free and clear of Uncle Leo.

Escorts screen clients in several ways. Some do more extensive checks than others. Your home address, real name, occupation, phone number and other details can help an escort determine if you are really who you say you are and whether she should honor your appointment with her or not. Some escorts do online checks using a client’s name, checking to see if he really works for the company he claims to and lives where he told her he does. Sometimes, an escort will ask for a client’s online identity to look for reviews from other escorts about experiences they may have had with the client. Many times, an escort will ask a prospective client about previous escorts he’s seen, too, and double-check with them about any behavior to worry about. Escorts who live in smaller towns may even physically double-check on prospective clients by inconspicuously observing their workplaces or driving by their homes.

The screening process can be a difficult one for escorts, even though it’s a very necessary part of seeing a new client. Clients are often defensive and afraid to reveal details about their personal lives in the interest of privacy and discretion. However, escorts are not looking to snoop into your private life; they are simply trying to get a handle on whether you are a safe client to trust or not.

Because the screening part is necessary for you to obtain an encounter with an escort, it’s best to cooperate with the process the best that you can. Here are 13 ways you can help escorts screen you before an encounter:

1.  Always tell the truth. The last thing you want to be caught doing with an escort is lying. Escorts are excellent at reading people; they have to be to survive in the business. They can usually tell when you’re not telling the truth. Don’t lie about your age, appearance, occupation, etc. An escort uses the information you give her to check out whether you are a safety risk for her. She is accustomed to seeing her established clients and knows they are not going to harm her. However, she needs all available information from a new client (you) to confirm that you are not a threat. When you give her false information, you are giving her reason to think you are hiding something. She may cancel your encounter immediately when she discovers that you’ve been lying to her. If she doesn’t cancel your encounter, she may have to reschedule it due to her screening process taking longer as a result of false information.

2.  Avoid getting defensive. When your escort asks you questions, she isn’t trying to pry or to leverage information for any other purpose other than to check out whether it’s safe to book an appointment with you. Getting defensive and giving vague or incomplete answers indicates to an escort that you may hiding something. This puts up big red flags for most escorts and leaves them considering canceling your encounter. Getting defensive is only going to delay or stop the screening process. It’s best to suck it up and deliver information openly. If you do, this will probably be the last time your escort will ask you to open up about your private life. Any other details you share afterward will be on your accord.

3.  Don’t hide details that will help your escort find out information about you. If you’ve had a run-in with the law, and you are afraid that your escort may find out about it, tell her up front. Provide details that may help your escort discover that you’re telling the truth about who you are. Often, a client will knowingly give a client a nickname or title that is difficult to find or differentiate. (Robert Jones might give his name as Bobby Lee Jones, even though he regularly goes by Robert professionally.) Be as open as you can about the details you provide to your escort so she can easily move through the screening process.

4.  Be sure you want to book an encounter when you call. When you book an encounter for the first time with an escort, she is going to ask you questions to ensure you are who you claim to be. If you’re not sure you want to book an encounter in the first place, or don’t want to go through the screening process enough to have an encounter, don’t waste your escort’s time. If you call her to set up an appointment, and then you back out as she begins asking for information, she will likely block you from future communications. If you haven’t fully sold yourself on booking an encounter, hold off until you’re fully ready.

5.  Don’t be secretive when asked for information. Balking at giving information to your escort will only cause you trouble. Your escort understands that you don’t want the entire world (or your family and friends) to know you’re booking an encounter with an escort. However, she needs some information from you to ensure she’s not putting herself at risk. Being secretive can cause her to think you’re hiding something or it will delay the process of screening you. It’s okay to express that you’re a bit hesitant to give full disclosure about yourself. However, you’re going to have to reveal some information. Perhaps, after telling your escort you’re a little afraid to share too much, she will be able to work with you to get enough information to check you out, without you feeling like you’ve divulged your full identity to her.

6.  Answer her questions. The screening process will proceed much more quickly and painlessly if you simply answer the questions that your escort asks. Don’t interject additional information; if she needed it, she would ask for it. Provide clear, concise answers to her questions. Don’t ask her why she needs to know the information. Don’t dance around her questions with half-answers. Fully answer her questions with true answers and get ready for your encounter.

7.  Follow directions. Some escorts screen clients by eye-balling them before they arrive for an encounter. For instance, your escort may ask you to walk a block to her incall. As you walk, she may be able to view you from her apartment or condo window. If you fail to follow her instructions, she may think you are trying to sneak in or put one over on her. Some escorts will call off an encounter with clients who fail to follow their instructions about arriving at their incalls. Trust that her instructions have purpose and follow them.

8.  Give your escort ample time to screen you. Some clients get too antsy and push their escorts to screen them too quickly. Good escorts are not persuaded to hurry their screening checks. And, they often become suspicious of clients who expect them to. Be patient and allow your escort to do her job properly. You wouldn’t expect to hire an assistant without first checking a resume and calling references. Your escort needs time to check you out. Getting too anxious could blow the entire encounter.

9.  Use your real name. Many escorts double-check their clients when they are meeting them at a hotel. When you arrive at a hotel and reserve your room, do so under your real name. (Or use the name you’ve given your escort.) Escorts regularly call a hotel and ask for their clients by name. If they are told that no guest is there by that name, an escort may suspect that something fishy is going on and pull the plug on the encounter. Using your name on the hotel register doesn’t jeopardize your relationship with family or friends, especially when you leave no other paper trail. (Don’t use your credit or debit card; pay in cash.)

10.  Be aware of what’s online about you. Do an Internet search using your name and basic information. You may find that you’re listed on social networking sites, your employer’s site and any other media references if you happen to make the news occasionally. Doing a search for yourself lets you know what kind of information is out there about you that your escort might find. Knowing ahead of time may give you some sense of security, realizing that your escort will likely only find mundane, basic information to use in identifying you.

11.  Help guide your escort’s screening process. If your escort seems open to your help, send her links to information about yourself so her screening process is expedited. Of course, she will want to do her own screening, too, but if everything appears to be consistent, her process may be shortened considerably. Don’t push or force information on your escort, though, or she may think you’ve faked the links and data.

12.  Show your ID if asked. When you arrive for an encounter the first time with an escort, it’s not uncommon for an escort to ask immediately to see your identification. Have your driver’s license or other identification ready for her to see, if asked. Refusing to show your identification makes your escort think that you are hiding something from her, which puts up red flags telling her to leave. Openly show your picture ID so that she knows you are who you claim to be. (However, as you show your identification, don’t flash money or other valuables in your wallet. While most escorts are honest, some may be unscrupulous. Don’t tempt them.)

13.  Realize that your escort’s safety and freedom are at stake unless she screens her clients properly. Cut her some slack if she seems a bit OCD when she’s going through her screening questions. Her safety may have been compromised in the past due to lax screening procedures or she may have had a brush with the law. She could also be keeping your freedom and reputation intact by her careful screening tactics. If she’s being targeted by the police, they may monitor all of her encounters they can track. By screening closely, she may avoid law enforcement attention, which keeps you free and clear, too.