• erikacastrovip

Never again Reference Friendly

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Sorry for the English. This was a bad experience a couple years ago.

I am not reference friendly after giving a provider a reference from a gentleman, then she was so abusive asking him to pay me for the reference; when I never ask for money for it, she never asked me if I wanted she ask him for money and was so abusive who then act like a victim telling me that she asked to the client for money because she wanted help me, (but her help was steal me with her liars).

I contacted the client telling him that is no necessary pay for the reference and was all ok and everything looks like a joke

Then the client cancelled the appt with her for his personal reasons, and he explained her his personal reasons but she take the decision blame me, to insult me, offend me saying he cancelled her for my fault for not accept a him to pay for the reference. She was so rude, and very abusive liar, yelling me for her own liars.

She made me feel guilty, insult me, yelling because he cancel her. I was scared about her because I know how dangerous person and bad human she is, so for scared I told her that I going to pay her and she told me he made an appt for 90 minutes, but the client already give her a gift card of $200 for cancelled fee, so I said i going to pay the rest of the money, after all that rude, vulgar, offend texts she sent me.

I paid her by paypal more than $400 because she blame me, I was bad economically but she made me pay her it with all her insult by texts, she yelling me like she was my mother (she is 10 years older than me. I respect old people and she take advantage of that).

She told me that do not contact the client, because I not only made she lost the appt but if I contact him I will make he does not contact her again, all time she was manipulating me, telling that was for my fault , insult me, offended me, made me feel bad, neither paying her she stop to blame me, she was stilling insult me and neither say thank you for be responsible and take money from my wallet and pay her for something that was not true. So block that toxic sick creature.

I do not obey to her and I contacted the client asking for apologize for cancel her for my fault for not accept the money she was asking him for the reference. But oh surprise ! the client who obviously know me in persona, told me the all the true.

1. He never made an appt for 90 minutes was only for one hour. (she said me 90 minutes because want stole me and made me feel guilty for all those money). 2. He say he cancel for personal problems, he explain me and he told me too he explained her why he was cancelling her at the moment (so she just wanted made me feel bad and stole me).

So she insult me, offended me, made me pay her $400 dollars, plus $200 dollars client give her for cancelling 90minutes when really were 1 hour, she manipulate me made me feel guilty because he cancelled her, telling me for my fault she lost money, client when she was lying in all, client never cancel for my fault, was personal reasons and he sent me the email he sent her and shows me it was true, was personal reasons, second she say he made an appt for 90 minutes but was really for 1 hour only, so when I pay her I pay all the hour plus fees of transations by pay pal If she was honest at the least say the true and not made me pay $400dolars due the client was giving her money too, but she say was 90 minutes $600 just because she wanted abuse, stole me. She was talking with other providers about it, but never say the true how she blame me, insult me, and how she lie and stole me. The worse she is good actriz due is a professional liar an all people is bad less her. 2 providers contacted me and telling me that person was ugly human with them too. Wooww

Oh that ugly woman, not only stole me, insult me, go to speak bad about me with other providers, but she was asking to other clients about me and that sick woman was bulling me in my website leaving messages about my pics, about that it was fake pics and I stole my pics etc when the person who take those pics was her, this is why I was scared because she still having the original pics with my face, she create a lot of fake accounts in reviews platforms for made herself nice reviews and for give bad reviews to other providers, fortunately I have all her texts, emails, voice records etc in case something bad happens to me, I know was her. Good thing I never told her all my real life.

So after that bad experience, after pay $400 to her just because that ugly human provider lie me and blame me, just for give her an reference, I never again give references. Obviously the client never again contacted me, I lost money, lost client, I was be bulling, threatened, harassed, I was insulted by her, put my reputation down, and the narcissist woman act like a poor victim who only wanted help me to have more money. Never again references friendly