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Want to know more about me?..

Updated: May 4

Thank you for be interesting in know more about me. :) 

1. I do not speak good English, my first language is Spanish, I use Google translate frequently but I can keep a conversation.

2. I am an alpha possessive woman. :( But not worry, not with clients, just with the creatures I love and I want protect.

3. I born in July 09, so my sign zodiacal is CANCER.

4. I'm sarcastic, sometimes intentionally and sometimes only by spontaneity.

5. I am very loving and tender / affectionate, just I am afraid to be hurt for show that. I am super sensitive.

6. I was 96% perfectionist but now I am only 70%.

7. I love the mature gentleman, the man that have the enough personality for make me feel good things not only physically but in mind too.

8. I am very nice with the nice people and I have not patience with the people that not respect me and crosser my boundaries.

9. I love animals, I do not eat them or use them, I am not cruel in any way; I am VEGAN (and proud of be part of the live and not part of the die)

10. I have not religion, I am not in that business but I am spiritual.

11. I do not like the president :(

12. I am in changing frequently for be a better human, all people always teach me something with good or bad experiences.

13. I believe in the karma, in the UFOs, in other lives, in the power of the mind, I believe that we are energy, we are in vibration eternally.

14. I have 2 lives, one is this dimension with this physical body and my oniric life.

15. I love my planet and frequently I send love to all my planet including i send love to the people that are bad humans with all animals.

16. I enjoy a lot the movies all kind of movies less terror, Terror make me feel afraid and scared and it is a bad energy. and my body always reaction with the energies.

17. I do not know drive and I do not want learn :)

18. I am in this industry 6 years. Single for 11 years, vegan for 11 years, living in Dc 11 years lol

19. I only eat 2 times in the day.

20. I have 15 beautiful children. (cats, obviously not homo sapiens)

21. I do not have TV. For many reasons. But I love movies.

22. I frequently give donations to animal around the world for disasters but mostly in my country Colombia.

23. One of my other facets and hobbies is doing things by myself.

I like art and crafts, I also like to make my cleaning products and beauty with natural ingredients without polluting my body or the planet, we all win.

24. I am 0% tolerant with the men "time wasters" who do not respect and follow protocols.

25. I am very impulsive :(. I really work hard for stop to be impulsive, but I can not yet.

26. Everything in me is Natural, I do not have liposuction, rhinoplasty, botox, fake hair,

eyelashes, buttocks fake, breasts fake. Etc. It means that I am organic, not transgenic human, I born and I keep my natural beautiful body an face. I am not an android with a % of my body plastic, chemical or fake. (I am not against of facial or corporal surgeries, it is very important for people that really need that for example people who lost their body parts for an accident or for illness; neither I am not against with the make up, I like make up and I use it too, but I do not create a fake face with tons of make up) I just considered that is better not be so fake with others and ourself. Mostly now when we are losing humanity for be superficial and the system push us to be competitive for stupid things, so be natural in all ways is better. :) It is my opinion. But I respect other opinions.

27. I do not sponsor, nor do I agree with the radical political fanatic movement indoctrinated with an international agenda called "Feminist".

As a fair human being; I agree with equality between men and women according to physical or mental capacity. Because we like it or not, there are differences, biological, hormonal and personality. Men cannot be women nor can women be men, even if they try to imitate. But I must clarify, that not belonging to this fashionable movement of political doctrine means that this of the other sexist side. Of course, I do not advocate that women be beaten by men, be raped, vulnerated, etc. Nor do I defend it when the aggression comes from women to men. These manipulative movements of weak minds try to put into fashion what they have already programmed in their political agendas to manage the most stupid society of what has become today.

Equality should not be a subject in protests because it should already exist, as it does not exist, it strives to obtain equality in matters of studies, labor, professional equality, I repeat according to their physical and mental abilities. But that does not mean stop being feminine and that man stops being a gentleman. Many men cannot be gentlemen because they are called sexists, although there are many bullies and abusers who confuse chivalry with vulgarity. There is not, in my opinion, a feminist power, nor has there been any macho power, it is simply the evidence of inequality. Nature in all its forms has created the male and female, both with differences structurs but each with tasks and responsibilities that together form a single being, the human being.

I know that if someone reads this post with my position on the subject, I will have detractors. To which I invite you to read, study, investigate who is behind these movements, and what are the purposes. You will see that they find a couple of common denominators in fashion movements.