• Erika Castro


Updated: Jan 24, 2020

I am Apologize for my English I still learning, I use google translate. :)

I have been in this business for approximately 7 years in Washington DC area, I have had regular clients for years. If I'm still in this industry and with regular customers, it's because I'm doing something right. Here are my main points for which I do not like or accept reviews:

1. I do not accept or sponsor the reviews of humans because I consider them incriminating, discriminatory, misogynistic, vulgar as a means of devaluing a human being to qualify according to each perception, preference, taste or fantasy of the person who writes.

I do not like or accept to read vulgarities and descriptions of my intimacy and my integrity, I am a human being with unique physical and personality qualities like any other, nobody has the right to qualify me as a woman or as a human, much less compare myself with others, because I am what I am, I am who I am, a unique, independent and different individual in all its forms.

Devaluing a person is never pleasant or talking about their intimacy is degrading. No real gentleman talks about women with whom he meets or shares intimacy without her permission, who does it is not a gentleman but rather a cowardly scoundrel. (Sorry that's my opinion).

Except for those who write reviews because the women themselves ask it and if it is the case, no woman (escort) in full use of her mental faculties likes to talk about her parts or her sexual activities (breasts, vagina, fluids, sexual positions etc) but although they do not like them, some escorts handle reviews as marketing to attract those insecure strangers who need to read the fantasies of other strangers who need to spread their experiences to get attention or get approval from strangers who read it. Then that strange insecure man needs to read the fantasy and perception of others to determine if he meets the model or not. Why believe a stranger and not directly the model you want to date? What makes you think it's better to believe another stranger? If his perception may be different from yours. Anyone with their opinion, this is mine.

2. Another reason is that I was 3 times a victim of threats, stalkers, harassment of vulgar men who for revenge for not giving them discounts, for not meeting them at the time or place they wanted, why not let me manipulate, for not Doing specifically sexual activities that they demanded blackmailed me with destroying my life, they put false reviews and they almost succeeded, that especially in the damn TER page that never cared about women's lives. They manipulated and trafficked us with our business and our life. I am happy that this abusive company is no longer among us.

3. Another thing for which I don't like reviews is because a lot of them are FALSE, they are a trap, a lie that they hide behind them. Why I say it .. well for experience. Make a comparative of the words, date, and reviewers, see and analyze their profiles.

Some models offer discounts or free meeting to men for write it (so it is not accurate review, it is just another business).

Some model (clearly some, not all)(providers) create their own wonderful reviews because they open many accounts in those pages that offer reviews, open 3,4,5 or more accounts and themselves create cute reviews, likewise write, sell or share reviews with other providers that It has the same 'modus operandi'. An example A group of friends of 3 models, each one opens 5 accounts in the review pages, means that each one has 15 reviews as the reviews interchanged among themselves.

I know because I discovered it and I have proof of that, but definitely for my safety and privacy I will not tell who, but if I publish the trap in it. Because just as they exchange beautiful reviews, those same providers with all those false accounts post false reviews to other models and destroy their business, life. This happened especially when there was the (TER) page in the USA.

Well those are some reasons, not all, but the main ones.

I understand and agree that you should know something about the person with whom you want to have a pleasant time, then look for information as if the model is real, if the photos are real, if it is punctual, if it is clean, if it meets the schedule, if you are a pleasant person, if there is a more intimate interaction and fun, etc., in that sense this type of reference is normal and acceptable.

I accept positive, respectful and loving comments, but I do not accept qualifications or comparisons of my body or intimacy. I also accept claims, if there were any valid ones, that is, taking into account the information on my website, if I do not comply with what was promised, then you have all the right to claim and I am obliged to solve, but everything as long as it is a respectful claim.

As I said before, I do not accept to talk about my privacy or my body and less without my permission, but if you have met with me you want to share with me and / or with my visitors your testimonial; what you liked about our appointment, you have the permission to do so, that is, if you want to tell me, "you are beautiful, you have a beautiful body, it was nice to know you have a good time, etc." that is a nice compliment and it is not denigrating, nor incriminating, nor discriminatory. But if you want to say "oh your boobs, your vagina and that position etc", and all those vulgar sexual specifications unnecessary, your comment will not be approved and otherwise I will not thank you but I block you from the list of clients.

Thank you for reading and understand, you can comment this post.