• erikacastrovip

Why I don't like gold, diamonds, sapphires, emerald pearls?

Updated: May 16

For the environmental impact of the mining industry.

In a lunch date with a generous gentleman I explained him why I am vegan and why veganism is a style life and not a diet. And why be vegan is not only a diet for animals but it is friendly with the environment too.

I do not have and I don't like the Gold, Diamonds ,Taffeit or any jewelry who come from industry mining due those destroy ecosystems; they use gunpowder, machines and chemicals contaminating the water, Kills animals, destroy ecosystem and is super dangerous too for their employs.

Of course, I can not say I am 100% cruelty free if I use a computer, internet and I use plastic or some products petroleum derivatives but I try do the less damage in all possible ways. I completely understand that people work in that because need money for exist, and I respect that, but for me is more important the planet with all creatures that a piece of gold in my beautiful neck, the people will not be extinguished for stop working in those industries, there is more options, but the planet can become extinct and there is not more options for now, or not for all humans.

I do not need a gems that makes me shines me when my light is in my soul.

Obviously, I use jewelry, I love to be feminine (not feminist) and use all those accessories, but all of them are from materials synthetic, natural, recyclable and easy to find, in other words, for be honest living in a city is impossible be 100% cruelty free but we can make little changes for the planet, for animals and for our self. I am beautiful physical and in my soul and I do not need call the attention or hide behind of that cruel jewelry industry when I can call attention for my personality, intelligence and other attributes I have but I do not want to say because I prefer be modest and less egocentric.

I just try to make the less pain in the possible with my vegan style life.