Project under construction / Assimilation tests on clients.
Will you  hire me for house cleaning services?

Hi, guys,

I'm slowly leaving this job becuase I have other plans.    I wonder if I start to clean houses, will you contract me?


 No, I will be not naked, you will NOT touch me, I'll be a normal house cleaning, because I will clean for real. 


You can call me Maria  lol

Difference is that you can know more me if you wish some day my escort service or if you do not want is ok to keep my cleaning services if you like that.

You will not press me, and will respect all my wishes if I decline give you a escort service if you require that.

I will not give any discount in my escort service for hire me in the cleaning services,  I do not like stingy men and I will considere it a insult if you ask.

Of course, all NEW clients will be still need past my screening process becuase will be meet me in person.

You will not record me, neither in your home, you will be need to information me if you have cameras in your home.  I will be know if you have hide cameras.

The rate will be little bit like a housekeeping $50 per hour Aproxi.  Minimo 4 hours.

Terms & policies will apply.


Payments can be in cash or  Square App system.

I am very confidential & discrete.  

Offer in Washington DC area only.

Let me know what do you think...  thank you

You can count on the services of Ms. Erika House cleaning to meet and even exceed your needs. Learn more about the services we offer below, and let us know if you would like more information on a specific offer.



I am a Latina woman responsible, honest, trustworthy, detail oriented, organized focused and ethical.

I am available for work immediately and Flexible with working hours.


Cleaning Skills & Services


Daily & Deep Cleaning

Dusting & Polishing

Vacuuming & Mopping

Deep Kitchen & Bathrooms Cleaning

Windows Cleaning

Clothes Laundering, Folding & organizing closets

Room Tidying & organizing

Silver Polishing


Keeping tables & surfaces neat and clear

Keeping the house generally neat and tidy

Daily light cleaning

Unpacking packages

Pet sitting

Desk organization

Cooking optional under some rules (my style life is be cruelty free and I refuse to use animals or their derivate for cook)


Technology Skills


Computer (PC, MAC, Tablet)

Microsoft Office

Office Organization and Archive

Word Processing

Others administrative office skills in Spanish