Remember Ladies like to be spoiled and pampered......... treated us like the precious princess that we are. Gifts should come from the heart and with no strings attached.   Gifts or tips are not required.    However is always appreciated and never forgotten. I know how to appreciate your generosity and will acknowledge your kindness.     If you enjoying giving gifts, I enjoy receiving from you.  


I love kindness people.   Thank you for be one!😘❤️

My Size: Dress= S,     T shirt/ blouse =S,     Panty =Small,   Bra =34C,

Vegan shoes  (size  7, 7.5 or 8) It all depends of the branch and kind of shoes


*   Amazon Prime  Membresy

*   Wish list on AMAZON


*  iPad

* Telescope & microscope

*  Books in Spanish  (medicine veterinary, science, history, psychology,

personal growth,   theories, astronomy, languages etc..Traditional Chinese medicine books in Spanish...) I love  learning new things.

*  Help animals in any way you can!   Adopt a cat or dog and give your self the chance to be more happy.   Give donation to shelter local, national or international, animals in need are around he world.   Be voluntary if you can, activist, sign petitions for animals in

I am Vegan / Cruelty Free type of girl.. and as I much as I like gifts, I don’t try to impose my beliefs onto others.   This is just my lifestyle.  If you decided to bring a token of appreciation please make sure that are not animal products or anything that has been tested on those little precious lives…Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products and oppose the use of animals for any purpose and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals.   A follower of this style life is known as a vegan❤️✌️🐝🦆🐒🦁🐣🐟🐳🐄🐖🐓🐑🐎🦏🦃🦌🐘🐀🐈🐕🐊🦕🐾

 I'm going to invite gentlemen who gift me a gift card ($150 minimum) to drink a tea with vegan cookies for 30 minutes in DC ️☕️🍪

The intention is be grateful to generous gentlemen🙏😘

It will be a public place & must pass screening process, it is NOT a regular session.  For a normal session  need to make an appointment

Below are some shopping suggestions:  (Click in the pic for go to the store)

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